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July 23, 2015 / Zircon Corporation

I’ll be Back! Relaunch Your Business, Terminator Style

Zircon’s Marketing ToolBox

Terminator: Genisys reignites the Terminator’s (Arnold Schwarzenegger’s) famous tagline and reenergizes the film series. The movie sequel, along with the Avengers, Mission Impossible, and Jurassic films point to a common theme – retro, prequels, and sequels are all the rage. What once was old is new and what once was new is old, but in a cool, touch-back to the 90’s kind of way.

Many brands can use retro ideas to relaunch their own “Terminator” cycle. Make old new again with these three tips:

1)  Vault Back-and-Forth. Determine what worked before and see if it makes sense to suit up again. Can the idea be retrofitted, reformatted, or revamped? Starting from scratch takes time and may not be the best option. As past Terminator movie-goers, we’re programmed to believe that Sarah Connor must live. Will Terminator:Genisys stick to this central theme or change the paradigm…

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