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January 5, 2015 / Zircon Corporation

The Dog Ate My StudSensor!

Zircon in the Real World

dog chewIt never occurred to me that a stud finder would make a terrific chew toy for an overzealous family pet. Stranger things have happened, but in all my years as a customer service manager, I thought I’d heard it all.

Usually when we get a StudSensor back in pieces, or significantly damaged, it’s because the stud finder met with some kind of human consequence. The car backed over it. It fell off a ladder. It was left out in the rain. A dog using a stud finder as a favorite chew toy? This was a new one, even for me. The tool was immediately replaced for the owner. I assume the family dog has a new, more appropriate, chew toy to gnaw on now.

As I think about this most recent situation, I’m intrigued at how funny and interesting customer interactions can be and how working directly with our customers…

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