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June 11, 2014 / Zircon Corporation

Does it Have X-Ray Vision?

Zircon in the Real World

I’m often asked by customers, “Exactly how do your StudSensor tools work? Is it some low level radar? Is it an X-ray device?” In reality, it shouldn’t matter functionally as long as the tool works, but people are naturally curious, so they ask. And the answer, well, it’s actually none of the above…

It’s really a simple theory, but not so simple in its algorithm. Zircon StudSensor™ stud finders detect studs behind walls by sensing increases and changes in density. The StudSensor calibrates, or “learns”, the density of the drywall when you place it on the surface and power it on. Then when you move the tool and it comes across an area with higher density, it gives you an indication that what’s behind the wall is likely a stud.

The area of the wall pressed up against a stud definitely seems harder and has higher density than an area…

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