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December 2, 2013 / Zircon Corporation

What is my StudSensor Telling Me?

If only your product could talk — Tom deciphers what it is really saying. Read more here and share freely.

Zircon in the Real World

A customer called our 800 service line recently and asked, “I’ve owned my StudSensor for a long time, but I only use it occasionally. When the StudSensor beeps, is it on the edge or the center of a stud?” Great question.  No matter how long a customer has owned his or her Zircon StudSensor, we’re here to help .


For years, Zircon StudSensors were only designed to find the edge of a stud. By locating both the left and right edges, you could find the stud center. Those particular stud finders are called edge finders. The edge finder model, owned by this customer, was no longer made and was a few years old.

I explained that Zircon now manufactures a new class of StudSensors called “center finders”. The center finding StudSensors will show you when you hit the stud edge and beep when you’re over the center.  Whether you’re mapping out a single…

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